I’m a bad girl.

Today:  Yoplait Boston Creme Pie (fat free) Yogurt.  One small glass of orange juice.

One small fresh salad; lettuce, light cheese, walnuts, light ceasar dressing.

Cutting back on Red Diamond Tea w/ Splenda. 

Dinner:  BBQ Ribs and baked potato w/ butter and light sour cream.

Ordered:  Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution.  I can’t wait to see the meal planner and start the 90 day program.

My biggest issue is simply ignorance.  I feel like this is a huge problem for many overweight people.  So many folks out there don’t know what’s good or bad for them.  Things they think are good end up being bad.  I have a general idea of “obvious” bad things to eat but I remain clueless about so many things.

I will learn.